15 great workouts for middle splits

Going really deep in bound angle pose, frog pose and middle splits is a dream. It’s a long mission for most of us, and you need both flexibility and strength to achieve it safely. Here are 15 drills that improve strength and hip mobility that you can do at home with no equipment.

Hip Rotations

Perform roundhouse kicks in place

Forward Back Leg Swings

Swing leg back and forth, from a position resembling Warrior 3 to Uthita Hasta Pandangustasana C

Side To Side Swings

Swing leg to side and across center line

Opposite Foot To Hand Taps

Tap your opposite hand with your foot

High Knees

Lift knees high and keep a good tempo


Jog in place and kick your butt with your heels

Jumping Jacks

A well-known drill. Stretch your shoulders with puppy pose if you feel any stiffness or discomfort.

High Kicks

Kick low at side and then high, on or across center line

Mountain Climbers

Great to fire up core

Side Lunge Touchdowns

Start in center of mat, and lunge to the sides and touch ground with your hands

Inch Worms

Start in a standing forward fold, walk with your hands forward, do a push-up and walk with your hands back.


A burpee is a push-up followed by a squat jump, with hands to the sky at apex.

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps is great drill to fire up the legs

Ice Skaters

A powerful exercise that targets the whole legs

Ankle Crushers

Keep feet together and squat down. Go all the way down if you can do a full bound angle pose.

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