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Day ⑨ of YogisLikeToFly – Shoulder presser Soaring in Bhujapidasana or Armpressurepose. Starting a three day full moon juice cleanse tomorrow 🙂

Day ❾ of FlyingThroughSummer / Shoulder Pressing Pose or Firefly Pose I go for Shoulder Pressing Pose or Armpressurepose, which is good practice before I get ready for the Firefly

Day Ⅴ of BalancingOnArmsAndHeads – Firefly arm balance The Firefly is big struggle to me, almost like the nerves to extend the legs from Armpressurepose are missing. But with diligent practice, I aim to regrow the neural pathways needed to achieve the asana. Got some companies by cows. Did also finally manage to make a flying peacock with straight legs today. .

Day ⓫ of FunkyFoldAndFly – Turtle/Firefly Thanks all amazing hosts and participants for this awesome challenge! This final day is Firefly, in which I still struggle to extend the legs beyond the Armpressurepose / Bhujapidasana. –

The weather here in #Sweden is great today, so I performed today’s #yoga #outside in the #sunshine. The Firefly is one of the #poses I’ve admired even before I started doing yoga, although I haven’t made it yet. But as with the challenge yesterday, I didn’t want to go down without a fight. The challenge gave me a great #insight about the importance of shoulder #flexibility, as well as how difficult it can be to extend the legs in certain positions. Despite my best attempts, I did not made the Firefly, but I feel closer than I am to epk1. I am delivering two #bhujapidasana pictures, one shot from front and one rear. Also known as #armpressurepose, this is one #armbalance #asana that I’ll perform more in the future ☼ •

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