Bound angle pose in headstand

Baddha Konasana Shirshasana
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I go for a tripod headstand with holding a Yoga Wheel in a Bound Angle Pose, love being creative and curious. Unlike regular diamond headstands, I don’t see how this could be formed in air, so pressing up is the only option.

Day ❷ of InvertOrBend3 – Day 2: Bound angle headstand – King Pigeon Joining both teams again! Both because I love the challenge, but also because I need both asanas. I need the bound angle headstand for my hips, since I recently had an overload problem with my left hip joint, and King Pigeon practice helps backbends and shoulder flexibility, so I one day might be able to flip the grip in some asanas.

Day ④ of 10waystoupsidedown – Headstand – Illsie
With BaddhaKonasana in my mind, I used this for leg variation in tonight’s sirsasana. Headstand can calm the brain when stressed, and stimulates the Pineal gland and Pituitary gland. The Bound Angle Pose solves hip issues, so if you went a bit over the edge with one-leg squat variations, the bound angle is the cure.

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