Bound Angle Pose

Baddha Konasana
Bound Angle Pose
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Day ❷ of LuvThruEightFolds – Seated Forward Fold . I bring a BoundAngleForwardBend or a BoundAnglePose / SeatedForwardBend hybrid.

Day ⓷ of BlossomBeyondYourBody – BaddhaKonasana ➡️ Padmasana Two of my favorite Hipopeners, and tonight is a job for BoundAnglePose, in two variations. To me, this one is the opposite to utthita hasta padangusthasana, as the mirror is the friend here, but the enemy in the other (when it mess up the drishti). Actually, I think one of my hips is slightly more open than the other in the rotation axis targeted by this asana, so if I’m not careful, my right knee gets almost to the floor, while the left one is a bit up. The Goddess pose is also affected by this. But with paying attention, I can make it symmetric. By actively practice every asana both sides, I aim to fix the disparity. I do also bring a balancing variation, which I don’t know the name for. Balance-wise, both downward and forward drishti works for me, and I like the forward one. MalaBeads by @mymalanecklace

Day ① of SpringIntoSplits2018 – Baddha Konasana The week starts with a Mancrushmonday, as the headstand variation with hands away from the face close together was really tough. I found that straddle press was the way to get up, but even then I couldn’t make it with hands fully together. Once up, I could get into the Bound Angle Pose leg variation, as I’ve practiced it on ground and in ordinary tripod headstand.

Day Ⅲ of SpringCleaningYoga – Hips Fitness is not a duty – it is the freedom to make your body so healthy, strong, flexible and durable as you desire. I bring a Baddha Konasana or BoundAnglePose for today. Regardless of how open the hips are, hip openers are important if you do any single-leg squat variation to prevent overloading the hips. Soon second day done of my three day juice cleanse. Leggings from @legdayofficial, tank from Portugal, necklace from Tenerife and juice from @lovisebergrasaft .

Day ⓺ of TheYogaBrain – Smiling: Choose a pose that makes you smile. One pose that makes me smile is this BoundAnglePose or BaddhaKonasana variation. Smile more and frown less 🙂

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