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Baddha Sphatasana
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ShallowYogaChallenge – Day 1: Poses that don’t exist…Yet!

The legend continues. One month have passed since the shallow awakening. After the battle of Vibora Bay, I had a dream about an asana known as the OctahedronPose. I did not remember all details, just being told that body should form an octahedron, with the eight limbs forming the edges and torso covering up surfaces for the missing edges. An octahedron have twelve edges (same as a cube), so my torso has to make up for the missing four. In addition, they said that bound angle pose was an important preparation pose. The full octahedron pose remains a mystery, but I designate my approximation as the BoundCrystalPose or BaddhaSphatasana.

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Publicerat av Lukas Mattsson

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