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I love Chaturanga Dandasana or Chaturanga for short. Tucking in elbows is important to protect shoulders, both in sun salutations and when used standalone. Ideally, the lower arms should be vertical, and the elbow making 90 degrees angles, so your hands should be placed lower than in ordinary push-ups. Doing push-ups with pauses in chaturanga is an excellent exercise for strong arms.

Wall chaturanga

Wall chaturanga is a variation in which you press your feet against a wall, like when you do a wall plank. Wall chaturanga requires more strength, but is less reliant on friction than wall plank because hands are closer to the center of gravity.

Weighted chaturanga

Using a weight, like a car wheel, will improve the challenge.


Tapas is not just a Spanish snack. It’s self-discipline and your inner fire. Your determination to improve yourself, get stronger, faster, more flexible, get better balance, and learn new things. Make a plan every day with what you want to be done, and stick with it. If you achieve anything else, it’s a bonus, but your main objectives are the important ones. Sometimes you need to turn off your phone to ensure you make it, and then do it. I love Chaturanga Dandasana. It is a great strength builder for the arms, and Yoga Pushups with pauses in Chaturanga are awesome. Having chaturanga arms in mind helps in almost every arm balance, with the exception of those with fully extended arms (utpluthih, handstands, bakasana, L-sit, etc)

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