Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose
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Day ⑥ of WildlifeYogis – Eagle Bothsidesmatter in EaglePose or Garudasana, so I bring both sides. Don’t stitch if a clone does the job 🙂 The eagle pose targets the Third eye Chakra. Don’t let your pineal gland calcify, never lose curiosity and the desire for continual improvements.

Day of LetsFlyYogaBirds – Eagle pose Bothsidesmatter in all asymmetric poses, including Garudasana or EaglePose. This pose targets the thirdeye chakra

Eagle camel

Eagle camel is a tough eagle variation, it’s like the strong nuclear force is pushing my foot away from the other leg when I try to breed eagle with camel. Balance is tough too, and leaning backwards as in standing backbend makes it easier for me than grabbing the feet as usual in CamelPose or Ustrasana. I like the ceagle designation by @omniyogagirl, like lion + tiger = liger.

Third eye chakra

The color for the third eye chakra is indigo ☂️
The Third eye chakra or ajna chakra is the center of creativity and intuition. The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone, and it often becomes calcified over time. The best way to prevent or even reverse pineal gland calcification is to maintain your creativity and curiosity. Learn about stellar evolution, find new ways to exercise, try to develop a crazy game, travel to a new place and learn its history, write a novel, recycle your stuff, repair stuff instead of throwing it away, take a digital detox etc.
Instead of thinking ”I need to buy this”, think ”I want to build this”. Also try to smile more. Kids in general smile more than adults, and it’s another great trait that we tend to lose over time.

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