Eight Angle Pose

Eight Angle Pose
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Day ④ of #LetsSmileWerkStyle – Side crow / 8 angle pose . Happy #InternationalYogaDay! It’s 21st of #June each year. Keep on smiling, it’s the key to longevity. Life is not shorter than you make it. Also happy to have two days in row (different challenges) with Eight Angle Pose or Astavakrasana. It’s still a challenging pose for me, and yesterday’s practice helped me get good enough control to smile.

Turn on Flight mode and Engage the core

Day ⓹ of BalanceYouYogis – EightAnglePose Astavakrasana is a very challenging pose, I had great help with the tutorial by awesome @omniyogagirl on YouTube. Leg high up in the elephant trunk pose helps, so warming up hamstrings (some forward folds, heron pose etc) helps. Watch the tutorial, do your preparations, then turn on Flightmode, Engagethecore and rock.

Day ⓺ of ArmYourBalance – EightAnglePose Eight angle pose or Astavakrasana is an armbalance in the ashtangayoga third series. Earlier on, this was more or less a pop-up for me even with proper preparations. Today I was able to hold it about ten seconds each side. both sides matter in any asymmetric pose. .

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