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Warm up with camel pose, bosu-supported fish and then wheel-supported fish.

Fish pose with eagle arms and legs is sometimes known as feagle.

Inspired by @k_evayoga, I went for a Matsyasana or Fishpose variation with my YogaWheel. stonebracelet with gallstones from Tenerife, BlueArmor leggings from @leggings_connect_shop.

Splashing in the tribe of the Sea with Fishpose. Perfect opportunity for Sunshineyoga. Doing Yogaoutside in daylight is very healthy, especially if you live at the 59th parallel north. Lack of sunshine makes you more vulnerable to influenza and other airborne pathogens, and is beneficial for the pineal gland. On the contrary, artificial light from screens etc contributes to calcification of the pineal gland. Fishpose works great with other backbends, and is good for your hips and deep hip flexors. .

Fish + Eagle Tonight, I bring a Fishpose or Matsyasana with EaglePose  or Garudasana, with only a few days remaining of this fantastic year. My theme hashtag for 2018 will be try the impossible. Once the fireworks have settled, a 72 hour digital detox and juice cleanse, January 2nd to 4th, will kick in. We don’t give up, I have designated a number of resolution asanas: cow face pose with joined hands, stable handstands, epk1, firefly and splits.

Throat chakra

The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra or Vishuddha. The color is blue. A balanced throat chakra means that you have easy to make your opinion heard, but that you also let others have their opinion. Healthy communication is a turn-based game, you make your move and wait for your next turn.You are also willing to accept truths even if they conflicts with your assumptions. An unbalanced throat chakra can be in either direction. One one hand, you are shy and have a hard time making your opinion. Shyness should not be confused with introversion, which is a personality trait. One can be very introverted, but still have easy to communicate. The best way to overcome shyness is to socialize with people with balanced Vishuddha, so communication is properly turn-based with mutual respect of opinions.

If it’s unbalanced in the other direction, you fail to realize when to let other people talk. You interrupt others, tend to talk others into stuff they don’t want, call people in the middle of the night and avoid asynchronous communication like e-mails even in professional settings. One way to overcome this unbalance is power-sitting. Sit with lotus legs with eagle arms for at least 20 minutes a day, and have phone turned off. Modify the poses if needed, Easy Pose or Sukhasana is a good replacement for the lotus and hands in namaste (anjali mudra) is a good replacement for the eagle arms.

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