Flamingo pose

Flamingo pose

Flamingo pose
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Day ③ of LetsFlyYogaHybrids – Flamingo pose Yay, I love Flamingopose practice with my @infinitystrap. One loop for binds, two for flipped grips.

Day ❻ of BendsAndFoldsWithWerk – Fold with Flamingo or Compass pose I’m so grateful for the stretchy @infinitystrap I won in UnlockedYogis, received it today 🙂 So my choice today is Flamingopose which is a job for straps for me. As for anything asymmetric, I practice both sides. And got JimBeam for the drinkingbirds, Fridaythings

Day Ⅲ of SunnyYogaDaze – Tree/ Flamingo (Tue) 🌴 I can’t choose here, so I bring both. It’s Shaloyoga season, so lets bring in the clones. Foot placement in Vrksasana or Treepose can be anywhere on the opposite leg, as long you don’t push on your knee. I like having the foot high up on the thigh. Flamingo pose is a one foot balance, and the toughest part is reaching around to join the hands. I can’t do it yet so I use a strap.

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