Flying warrior pose

Flying warrior pose

The Visvamitrasana, also known as Flying warrior pose, is a tough one. The trick is to warm up hamstrings with everything you got: forward folds, heron, dolphin etc. Start from lizard pose, tuck arm (shoulder if possible) under knee. It’s tempting to keep the other knee in ground, but that doesn’t make it easier to me. When lifting, rotate so you don’t look in the ground. Work slowly, and use your airborne time to extend the leg while breathing.

This is a very hard pose to me, and the most challenging issue is tightness in the hamstrings. What helped me was to warm up with everything I got to open up hamstrings, and twist the body when lifting the foot. Work slow, place as much as my weight in the hand, adjust hips until hamstring resistance in manageable and gaze towards the camera.

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