Goddess pose

Goddess Pose
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The Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana is a standing hip opener that is great for building strength and flexibility in hips, hamstrings, and calves. Good preparation poses are bound angle pose and frog pose (for hips), utthita hasta padangusthasana (for leg strength and flexibility), tiptoe chair pose (for calf strength and balance) and dolphin pose (for calf stretch).

This pose targets the sacral chakra. I love going up on tiptoes to build calf strength.

Goddess pose variations

Grounded feet

Goddess pose with grounded feet makes it easier to focus on the hip opening.

Tiptoe balance

Goddess pose with tiptoe balance gives the entire legs, including calves, a good workout.

Benubird arms

Goddess pose with Benu Bird armsBend forward and stretch arms backward as in the Benu Bird Pose.

Goddess Walk

Goddess walk or horse walk is a very challenging and strength-building Goddess variation. A great workout for strength, flexibility, and coordination. And any atypical way to walk is a room for creative potential. I also found out these days that I missed out on one important preparation pose class, particularly if you do goddess walk on tiptoes – Calf openers. When on tiptoes, calves are just as important as open hips, so the dolphin pose are or similar importance as the bound angle and frog pose.


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