Headstand lotus

Urdhva Padmasana

Headstand lotus can be formed in two ways: make the lotus on ground and press up, or form the lotus in air.

Practice against the wall helps in getting started to form lotus in air.

Sirsasana A and tripod headstand are equally good options for this, so use the headstand variation you’re most convenient with when learning.

Headstands in general targets the Crown chakra and activates the Pituitary gland and Pineal gland.

Headstand lotus in September 24th 2018. I can't do lotus handstand, but I want the challenge of an Inverted Lotus so I bring an Urdhva Padmasana or Headstandlotus. I formed the lotus in air.
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Lotus " rel="lightbox" href="https://www.lukasmattsson.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/YogiAnatomy-Lotus-632x632.jpg">Lotus pose in July 6th 2018. The full  Lotuspose or  Padmasana is a great hip opener, and I use it as a preparation for anything that requires open hips in any rotation axis/direction. When us
Lotus pose in November 11th 2017. I can't make a full lotuspose without using my hands, or rise into headstand from seated lotus. But forming a half lotus in midair works, so I bring that, and
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