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ALOfus love backbends

Day ⑥ of ResolutionHandstand2018 – Hollowback The hollowback is definitely on of those handstand variations that are toughest for me. I think backbend, but got the bend in wrong place 🙂 .

Day ⑫ of VibeWithYourTribeYoga – ? Looking even higher to Alien tribe with Hollowback• Thank you all hosts, sponsors and participants in this awesome challenge! For Lastday, I bring a handstand hollowback, kicked up with wall support. .

Day ⑫ of GracefullyStrongYogis3 – Hollowback Thank you all hosts, sponsors and everyone who joined for a fantastic challenge! For this Lastday, I bring a handstand hollow back after kick up against wall. And I realized my blue party shirt wasn’t that inversion friendly 😉

Day ⑫ of GracefullyStrongYogis – Hollowback Thank you all for this awesome challenge For hollow pack yogapractice, I prefer to go up in a pincha, even if I fall back on headstand. My goal here is pincha hollowback, so I practice to enter that way so I am ready when I get better flexibility in upper back and shoulders. Sunsetyoga is an awesome way to start the weekend My tee is a limited edition CityofHeroes custom design, a great MMO game that was ended in late 2012. .

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