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Shoulderstand lotus is the most accessible invert lotus. The lotus is usually formed on ground, and requires less core strength to lift up than a headstand lotus . This is generally supported by both your arms. Having one arm off requires more strength, and both arms off is known as niralamba jathara padnasana.

Shoulderstand lotus in February 15th 2018. Got my  Feetup a few days ago, so I'm in :) Also need to learn to smile in inversions, and this is one of my 2018 goals like handstands and split. I
Shoulderstand lotus in February 9th 2018. I bring a  Shoulder Stand Lotus or  Padma Sarvangasana for letter "E". In mathematics, "e" is an important constant, roughly equal to 2.7182818284. "e" is an irrational number like π, it is not a ratio of integer
Shoulderstand lotus in November 9th 2017. Shoulderstand lotus was the first leg variation I did in shoulderstand or  Salamba Sarvangasana. Sanskrit designation is  Padma Sarvangasana. I have h
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#shoulderstand for the #inversion and and made a full #lotus. " rel="lightbox" href="">Shoulderstand lotus in April 7th 2017. I struggled before with slightly painful pressure in the padmasana, but have addressed it by having a look on the placement of my feet.
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