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I bring two #Warriorposes today.
First the #KneeWarrior3 pose, which is a very hard one for me. Even if you make the forward-backward balance right, you easily tip over to the side. And focusing on preventing tipping over outward makes you easily tip over inwards. Multiple directions of falling is what made mukta hasta sirsasana with vertical legs super tough back in the days. I have a few advices if you wish to try it, but as I can hold for about 2-3 seconds at best, they are subject to change.
Make sure your knee is protected, fold your yoga mat at least triple if you have a thin one. Don’t do this on a surface you wouldn’t do a mukta hasta sirsasana on.
Optional: use a BOSU or a friend as mat, slightly harder balance, but easier for your knee.
Have your gaze forward.
Preparation poses (subject to change): Warrior 3, flying crow, cobra with leg lifts, standing splits.
If you can hold this pose for 30 seconds, your knee is well-adjusted enough to heal people 🙂 #Kneebalance on stomach to ground it = Morgellons be gone 😀

I bring a #onekneebalance on #bosu, a pose that reminds me on #CityofHeroes. Back then, I had no idea that I would one day fly like the superheroes and supervillains in the great game.

It’s not the first time I do this one, which I call #ManipuraSamajjana for now, but I found a way to get better stability. Think of flying crowpose. Press one knee against the bosu, then raise the torso and the other leg, and keep it curled. Extend the lifted legs slowly, and lean forward at the same time to maintain center of gravity.

I love #kneebalance. It’s the first time I go for single knee though. Since I’m not used to support my full weight on a single knee, I decided to use a surface as soft as possible, softer than a yoga mat. The #bosuball did it. #Balance is harder, but it’s also safer, a decent trade-off.

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