Mermaid Pose

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
Mermaid Pose
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Day Ⅱ of SunnyYogaDaze – Mermaid/pigeon (Mon) 🧜‍♀️ I bring a MermaidPose. I have pretty recently manage to bind my hands, and a strap is of good use in this pose. In addition, this twists the hip in the opposite direction of what you may be familiar with from lotus, goddess pose etc, so be careful to not overload the knee. If you feel any strain in your knee, take a step back and focus on using hip rotation and not just pointing thigh to elbow.

Day ⑦ of MermaidsAreFun – Mermaid Pigeon Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this awesome challenge! I have had it tough to get my foot into the elbow, and then keep the balance, but I feel like I’ve got better on it through this challenge. The key is to twist the thighs in the opposite direction as in the bound angle pose. PerspectiveTShirt by @vibratehigherofficial

Day ② of FlexyBodyYogis – Any Mermaid pose The MermaidPose is tough for me, this variation felt most doable for me without use of straps. .

Day ❹ of JingleBends – Mermaid Pose 2 My arms are still a bit too short, so I use a strap here.

Day ⓷ of WildWildSummerAsana / Wild mermaid It’s my first MermaidPose, and I used an improvised strap from a tie.

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