Flying crow pose

Eka Pada Kakasana
One legged crow
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ALObout STEM 2

Flyingcrowpose or EkaPadaBakasana in sunny Mariehamn, AlandIslands, for the last day.

I prefer to enter it from tiptoe chair pose -> regular crow -> extend leg to flying crow. Holding time today was about 15 seconds, excluding the regular crow phase.

Day ⑤ of YogisLikeToFly – Crow I go for a EkaPadaBakasana or Flyingcrowpose. Today I was able to hold for about twelve seconds.

Day ⓸ of ShallowYogaChallenge – Jeans Templar Commander is speaking. We have evidence that the Sovereign Sons, a gang in Western Vibora Bay, is responsible for this Awakening events. They are very well armed, and the area is extremely dangerous. They worship an ”overlord” known as malicious Loa. We are going to strike tonight, first preemptively annihilate their primary tetrodotoxin storage and then neutralize their commanders. We expect them to grow stronger when the moon in waxing, so this crescent moon in our best opportunity. We have to fly over hostile waters, with a high rate of unexplained disappearances. So even if you wear jeans right now, be a goddess and engage Flight mode. We are going to turn them to stardust.

New week, new opportunities, new challenges 🙂 Put phone in Flight mode, enter utkatasana, lower to regular Crow pose, hold for a few breaths and then extend leg to Flyingcrowpose.

How to do Flying crow pose

  1. Start in chair pose, squat down to parallel
  2. Put hands in ground, spread fingers a bit
  3. Rise your feet and tilt into crow pose
  4. Hold for a few breaths and gaze forward
  5. Slowly extend one leg backwards, tilt forward to keep center of gravity at your hands
  6. Aim for the leg and upper body forming a straight line
  7. Gently return to crow pose
  8. Gently return to chair pose
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