Standing backbend

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Day Ⅷ of WelcomingStrengthWithWall – Standingbackbend Yay, got a lot deeper here with wall than without. Walls will definitely make your standing backbend or Anuvittasana great. .

Day ❷ of OpenYourBeautifulBody – Backbend For the second day, I bring a Standingbackbend or Anuvittasana from Tenerife .

Day ⑦ of OpenHeart4Yogis – Free choice Thanks you all hosts and sponsors and everyone who joined for this awesome challenge. For Lastday, I bring an Anuvittasana or Standingbackbend. .

Day ⓵ of GracefullyStrongYogis3 – Back Bend Happy to join the third season of GracefullyStrongYogis 🙂 For backbend, I bring a Standingbackbend or Anuvittasana as dropback is one of my 2018 goals, like handstand and firefly.

Day ⓷ of Yoga4x7 – Standingbackbend / Anuvittasana  Got another pair of tights yesterday, same pattern, different colors 🙂 For backbends, it’s best to warm up with other backbends, like locust, bridge, wheel, camel and bow.

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