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The best preparations for straddle split or middle splits are bound angle pose, frog pose, skandasana, goddess pose and happy baby pose.

Balancing without hands in ground is challenging in almost-full splits.

Be careful with this pose as breaking the groin is possible. Symptoms of broken groin or adductor strain is a sudden cracking noise, pain and reduced mobility. 


How to do Straddle split

  1. Measure your strength for hip adductors vs hip abductors in designated machines (yes, those ones that embarrass some people). Be careful if your hip abductors are a lot stronger (30 percent or more) than your hip adductors.
  2. Prepare with HIIT practice focused on leg movements.
  3. Bound angle pose
  4. Frog pose
  5. Goddess pose
  6. Skandasana
  7. Happy Baby Pose
  8. Go for middle split!
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