Tiger pose

Eka hasta vyaghrasana
Tiger pose

Avoid the ”-pose” suffix for this one, as that is a banned hashtag, which can potentially result in shadowban. Benefits of Yoga for Eka hasta vyaghrasana is lymphatic adjustment.

Showing some teeth in Predator tribe and being a Tiger. Some days I’m one juice. But today, it’s not one of those days, it’s Beastmode and anything with two legs or more are protein sources. That bunny isn’t cute, it’s TASTY! And a deer showing up in the garden, then it will know it’s place in the food chain!

Sunny weather today, so I can do Yogaoutside without making my mat dirty 🙂 And sunshine means that I can have minimum ISO, long depth of field and still get short exposure times 🙂 It’s -5, but the great thing with leggings is that you can just add another layer. Still haven’t needed more than two layers yet, so challenge me, Lord Winter. BenefitsofYoga for Tiger pose or Ekahastavyaghrasana is lymphaticadjustment in addition to the bend and balance exercise. ROAR!

Day Ⅱ of FirstShotAsana – TigerPose (Starfish variation) It’s the very first time I practice the Starfishpose variation of the tiger pose. I wasn’t sure at first which joint to rotate, but realized soon that hip should be rotated backwards as in a natarajasana and not twisted. I struggled with getting the foot slide into the elbow instead of being stuck in the forearm. Some lotion or oil on feet would help if it was warm enough to wear a tank or tee 🙂 I suspect that natarajasana (mermaid variation if possible) and king pigeon are great preparations for this one. First shot was just a boring assembling one that could be anything, as I used an intervalometer, so I provide one of the fails instead as second slide. Number of shots: 27 Frustration level: elevated

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