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Tiptoe Balance
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Day ❶ of LoveYourBodyThruAsanas – Toestand I’ve been on a yoga road trip today, visit some excursions and do yoga in new places.  Bound angle Toe Stand variation at Södertuna Slott. Anything with Tiptoe Balance is great to build strong calves.

Day ❶ of ChakraCheckIn – Day 1: Root- knees to chest❤️ The color for the root chakra or muladhara is red. I love how @golden.pothos.yoga described it. I think of it as properly structuring the days, decide what you need do get done, and make sure it’s done before you let something else steal your attention. Say you want to do that job for client A, a healthy lunch, this job for client B, yoga practice, meal preps, sort out some stuff you no longer need and read a book today. Then do it first, and consider achieving anything else a bonus. And for a little word-game, rooting is also the process of removing artificial restrictions in a smartphone. By rooting it, you can remove unwanted bloatware, that drains performance, battery life and are potential security and privacy risks. I did actually root my phone recently, on the root day in another chakra challenge. For the pose, I bring a ToeStand squat variation.

Day ❷ of SuperSymmetry – Toestand I bring a toestand or Prapadasana with Gyanmudra, the seal of knowledge. Supersymmetric matter is a potential candidate for dark matter. Maybe there is another version of you made by supersymmetric particles. Squarks instead of quarks, selectrons instead of electrons. Even if your alter ego were next to you, you wouldn’t see it as you need a lens capable of capturing photinos instead of photons.

Day ② of AwakenYourAutumnAsana – ToeStand / Prapadasana Finally got a breakthrough here, the Tiptoe Balance with shin lifted by anjali mudra have been on my wish list for months. I don’t know if this is just a variation or if it has a Sanskrit designation. I was able to squat down with lifted shin and hold for around six seconds. My balance is best during daytime, so it’s the best time for practice challenging balances. .

Day Ⅸ of #BalancingforBliss / One tiptoe I bring a #TiptoeBalance or #Prapadasana with hands in #namaste or #AnjaliMudra. My goal here is to lift my leg in the Anjali #Mudra. .

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