Tree pose

Tree pose
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I bring a regular Treepose or Vrksasana and one on tiptoes at Bomarsund fortress in Aland Islands. This pose is much harder for me on tiptoes, even if I’m used to run on tiptoes as well as modifying other poses with tiptoe balance. I do also bring a picture on the Bomarsund bridge.

Tree pose with trees. Just say no to stress, nature doesn’t hurry yet everything is accomplished.

I am jumping in here, to celebrate the fact that you are enough, you should forgive yourself and never allow people that are too much make you feel that you aren’t enough. Sometimes it’s needed to defend your energy, maybe do some sunshine yoga and leave your phone at home.

I bring my new favorite pose for meditation, reclined Tree pose


Satya means not lying. Be honest to yourself as well as others. Sometimes you’re lucky and have the camera go off the right moment so it looks like you can hold that pose for at least a few seconds when it’s actually just a few frames. When something like that happens to me, I prefer to mention it. In addition to being honest to others, it helps me track my progress.

But Satya is not just about asanas, or even fitness in general. It’s vital to all human interactions. Our prosperity relies on private enterprise, and private enterprise relies on mutual trust. If you risk being conned on shares in a company, you might avoid co-founding a business. If you can’t trust that your contractors are honest with time sheets, you might waste efforts on micromanagement. If you can’t count on your clients paying their invoices, you might not provide your services at all.


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