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Tripod headstand
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Day ④ of MermaidsAreFun – Mermaid Inversion I haven’t done much inversions with mermaid legs, just some practice yesterday and today prior to shooting. As Tripod headstand is the easiest inversion for me, I prefer it for new leg variations. SlothTank by, tights by @eightfoldyoga

Day ❼ of ChakraCheckIn – Day 7: Crown- headstand💖 Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this fantastic challenge! The seventh chakra is Crown chakra or Sahasrara, and color is white or purple and it is connected to higher states of consciousness. The best drishti for headstands is the Nasikagra Drishti, which means focusing on the nose. Drishtis help to focus on the practice, and helps a lot with balance on certain poses. I bring my first Yogavideo for a long time. Tripod headstand or Sirsasana II with pike leg raises with Yoga Wheel in leg lock. One week is coming to its end. Wish you all a fit and energizing new week. SlothTank by

Day ⑦ of InvertOrBend4 – Your choice . Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge! I join both teams for the last day too, and make a pikeheadstand for TeamInvert and a Wheelpose for TeamBend. TwinsHaveMoreFun 🙂

Day ⓽ of BalanceYouYogis – Headstand Tripodheadstand or SirsasanaII with a leg variation.

Day Ⅱ of CeaseandDesistYoga – Any asana with your mean face I’m back in the challenge! I’m very glad that @nolatrees is free, and motivation is now celebration of her freedom as well as the strength and unity of the IGYogaCommunity. A surefire way to meanify my face is Tripodheadstand with leg variations. I go for BaddhaKonasana or BoundAnglePose for the legs.

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