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Wild Thing
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Day ❻ of WelcomeMoonAsanas – ? Wild thing pose My full moon cleanse have begun. Primary assignment for day 1 was to root my phone, making the device truly mine by flushing out bloatware which drains battery and cpu, and every illegitimate process is a potential security or privacy hazard. The Wild Thing pose or Camatkarasana makes me feel wild and free, not constrained by opinion of sheep. PerspectiveTShirt by @vibratehigherofficial.

Day ① of WildlifeYogis – WildThing This beast mode challenge is the second one of the first two I join after my first full year as an IGYogi. And by this summer, my yoga journey (including pre-IG) will be two years in total. This is gonna be a great week, with plenty of Wildasanas. Tanktop by @onzie. Leggings by @leggings_connect_shop.

Day ④ of CreativeSpringYogis – Backbend I bring a WildThing or Camatkarasana. As green (not red or pink) is the color of the heart chakra, and heart is located at left, it makes sense to have bracelets with green stones on the left wrist. Which leaves the right for the stonebracelet with red-brown gallstones 🙂 Bracelets and necklace from Tenerife, tank from Portugal, leggings from @legdayofficial .

Day ❷ of FierceAFyogis – Wild Thing Happy GlobalAwakeningDay! January4th is the day when the Goddess reveals her wisdom for anyone who is ready for it. It is a day of changes, and while it is likely an ordinary day for most of us, her wisdom guides people out of troubled situations. For todays WildThing or Camatkarasana, I was a bit unsure how to enter it properly. I’ve done it before, but with just final pose in mind. But thanks for a great tutorial by awesome @omniyogagirl, I’m now more familiar with this asana.

I am Love

Self love is doing what you truly love doing, and accepting your choices, wherever it pays off in the short run or in the long run. Living a healthy lifestyle is self love, regardless if it’s yoga, weight lifting, running, HIIT, something else or a combination. Self love does also involve self acceptance, and that means realizing that you’re worth living that happy healthy life. There is no such thing as being too thin, too fat, too short, too tall, too young, too old, not the right gender, not being flexible enough and not having time for those exercises you would truly enjoy doing. Tell yourself that even if it takes more than ten years to reach that goal, it will be worth every hour, time is on your side!

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