World Bosu Day

Today is Bosu Day! Twelve powerful exercises for that you can do at home with your Bosu.

💙 Squats
💙 Push-ups
💙 Reverse donkey kicks
💙 Bosu crunches
💙 Fifer scissors
💙 Jumping lunges with Bosu behind
💙 Jumping lunges with Bosu in front
💙 Side lunge touchdowns
💙 Mountain climbers in wall plank
💙 Glute bridges
💙 Knee warrior modification
💙 Ankle crushers

Stay safe and wear a mask so we all can return to gym sooner.

Nine best FeetUp drills

Welcome to Workout Wednesday ten! We are now through all body parts and we will focus on props from now. And first out is the FeetUp trainer!

💪 Pike leg raises, if you can do more than twenty regular ones, try add an object.
💪 Invert twisting.
💪 Body-weight shoulder shrugs.
💪 Glute bridges, regular and with one leg up.
💪 Side plank lateral rises.
💪 Pushups, place feet on FeetUp and keep hand placement low for best arms and chest activation.
💪 Wide leg raises with object.
💪 Reverse flaps with object.
💪 Donkey kick variation.

Four mighty drills for your arms

Welcome to the ninth Workout Wednesday which is arms!

💪 Push-ups paused in chaturanga!
💪 Reverse grip push-ups!
💪 Tripod headstand endurance hold! All inversions have their benefits, and Tripod Headstand excels in arm activation.
💪 Mayurasana!

If you followed along, we have now worked through all muscle groups. In the coming Workout Wednesdays, I’ll share my best drills for popular props and equipment for home workouts, including yoga wheel, FeetUp Trainer and the BOSU ball.

Chest day

Today is the eighth Workout Wednesday, and today is Chest Day!

  • Push-ups, low hands placements for better chest engagement.
  • Wide-grip push-ups.
  • Narrow-grip push-ups.
  • Push-ups with FeetUp Trainer, you might need to place feet on something here to avoid losing resistance.
  • Fish pose variation with yoga wheel, opens up chest for challenging back bends like wheelpose.
  • Bridge pose (I always to it as ramp-up for wheelpose)
  • Puppy pose, which is good for shoulders and neck too.