The Downward Flow of Hip Opening and Core Strength

Today’s yoga practice was empowering, balancing and a great way to work on both my hip flexibility and core strength. I began by preparing for Firelog Pose, seated in a lotus-like position. This grounding pose emphasizes releasing the hips, and allows the spine to relax and open up. Great for releasing tension from your lower body and providing a foundation for the remainder of the class!

Next, I transitioned to Upward-Facing Dog to further open up my spine and let go of tightness. This pose promotes confidence and courage by gently strengthening the lower back and extending the spine.

My third pose was Warrior 3, which focused on steadying my core and creating strength in my lower half. This pose encourages proper posture and helps to maintain a focused and tranquil mind. By deeply engaging in this pose, I was able to shift my focus inward and start to explore the sensation of balance in my body.

Finally, I moved into chair pose with pressing a car wheel above my head. This pose added a bit more challenge to my practice and worked on increasing my leg strength. It also served to bring the class to a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, today’s yoga practice was an excellent way to work on my hip mobility and core strength, while also promoting balance and inner focus. The combination of these poses made for an engaging and powerful flow. This practice reminded me that yoga is more than physical – it’s a holistic practice that encourages connection and mindfulness.

Take Your Yoga Practice to New Heights

Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. But today, let’s take it to the next level with an edgy yoga practice that includes flying crow pose, crescent lunge, floating bound angle, frog pose, and bound extended side angle pose.

Flying crow pose is an arm balance that requires a lot of strength and balance. It’s also a great way to challenge yourself and take your yoga practice to the next level.

Crescent lunge is a great way to open up the hips and increase flexibility. It also helps to improve balance and stability.

Floating bound angle is a challenging pose that requires a lot of core strength and balance. It helps to improve posture and flexibility.

Frog pose is a great hip opener. It increases flexibility in the hips and helps to improve circulation.

Bound extended side angle pose is an advanced pose that requires a lot of balance and flexibility. It helps to strengthen the core and improve posture.

So, if you’re looking to take your yoga practice to new heights, give these poses a try!

Block IP addresses in Apache 2.4

Apache 2.4 has a different syntax for blocking IP addresses of scammers and spammers than old 2.2, and using the old syntax does even cause ”Internal Server Error” on some hosts. So don’t write like ”deny from” and do like below instead.

Even unsuccessful spam/exploit attempts drain server resources, so a good blacklist gives a potential performance boost that also helps SEO.

Since I give zero fucks about the feelings of scammers and spammers, the following is a live example that works on Loopia.

	Require all granted
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip
	Require not ip 2001:41d0:303:ce33::
	Require not ip 2400:6180:0:d0::100e:b001
	Require not ip 2400:6180:100:d0::87b:3001
	Require not ip 2607:f298:5:102f::ce4:31b9
	Require not ip 2a00:1a28:155d:1f5::1

Wellness challenge for August

  • Five burpees every morning.
  • Wellness shot in the morning with ginger and lime.
  • 5 ml MSM in a glass of water every morning.
  • 15 ml of apple cider vinegar every morning, optionally to mix in a glass of water.
  • Mobile turned off until breakfast, follow-up of yesterday and planning for the day is complete.
  • Yoga every day.
  • 20 minutes of meditation each day, can be divided into several sessions, such as inner journey, body scan and gratitude meditation.
  • Three days digital detox without mobile, computer or other connected device. Suggested at full moon, 21-23 Aug.
  • Running five km at least three times a week, rain is a weather, not an excuse!
  • Journaling every day.
  • No purchases from websites that use infinite scroll.
  • Limit time on websites that use infinite scroll and use alternatives when possible.
  • Gym at least twice a week (or home training with weights before complete vaccination against Covid-19).
  • HIIT twice a week.
  • Compilation of financial assets on the 1st and 15th.
  • Mobile turned off at night, turn off one hour before scheduled bedtime.

World Bosu Day

Today is Bosu Day! Twelve powerful exercises for that you can do at home with your Bosu.

💙 Squats
💙 Push-ups
💙 Reverse donkey kicks
💙 Bosu crunches
💙 Fifer scissors
💙 Jumping lunges with Bosu behind
💙 Jumping lunges with Bosu in front
💙 Side lunge touchdowns
💙 Mountain climbers in wall plank
💙 Glute bridges
💙 Knee warrior modification
💙 Ankle crushers

Stay safe and wear a mask so we all can return to gym sooner.