Workout Wednesday – Neck

Welcome to the sixth Workout Wednesday! Today is neck.

Your neck have three axes of rotation.
Roll from side to side!
Yaw or twist!
Up and down, or pitch!

Try free rolling.
Spent too much time on Facebook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok and Tide Pod?
Puppy pose or Uttana Shishosana is the cure!

With a strong and healthy neck, you can do the Mukta Hasta Sirsasana B safely.

Shoulder drills

Today is the fifth Workout Wednesday, and this week is shoulders. Nine drills for strength and flexibility you can do at home.

Forearm plank pose with arm lifts, Rolling shoulders plank, Scapular pushups, Elevated pushups, Bosu pushups, Dolphin pose with arm lifts, Scapular pushups in dolphin, Scapular pushups in Downward Facing Dog and Handstand practice with scapular pushups.

Workout Wednesday – Glutes

Today is about your most important asset, which is safe regardless what the Federal Reserve do. And 2020 ain’t done with us yet!

I’m talking about the glutes, a weak butt is a liability and a strong butt is a best and safest ASSet!

Glutes might have an bad rep, and glute drills are often split over back days and leg days for people doing classic body split workout plans. But strong glutes are what makes you just bounce up and keep going if you fall, and improves your survival rate in severe injuries and diseases. So this ASSet deserves a day for sure 🍑🔥

14 powerful drills for glutes:

  • Lateral rises
  • Leg lifts
  • Hip circles
  • Controlled hip movement
  • Warrior 3 leg pulses
  • Controlled hip rotation in standing
  • Upward facing dog leg raises
  • Glute bridges
  • Bridge pose with one leg
  • Endurance bridge with block
  • Side to Side Swings
  • Lunges with rising knee
  • Let’s shake out the mucus!
  • Digital Detox squats 📴


Happy Workout Wednesday! This week is legs, and I bring eleven exercises that you can do at home without equipment to build strength, flexibility and balance.

Forward back leg swings, Frankenstein lifts, Jumping lunges, Skandasana switches, Side Lunge Touchdowns, Warrior 3 endurance hold, Ankle Crushers, Ice Skaters, Figure Four Squats, Tiptoe Goddess Pulses and Goddess Squats.