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Goddess pose in June 30th 2018. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this awesome challenge!


The Svadhyaya niyama means self-study. For me, it’s analyzing that truly matters to you, what gives you energy and inspirations and what drains you. Which people do you feel easy to be around, and which ones are stress sources? Is … Läs mer

Frog pose in April 2nd 2019. I try to pair every day here with same day in last challenge, so I bring a Mandukasana or Frogpose. I usually practice frog lying flat down, but sometimes like to

Second season of Creative Playful Yogis

The second season of Creative Playful Yogis is done. I did deliberately choose poses similar to the first season to check progress. First season Second season

Flyer for the third season of the Flexy Hips And Hammies challenge

Flexi Hips and Hammies third season

Thank you all hosts and sponsors for yet another awesome season of the Flexi Hips and Hammies challenge! The first season was in April 2018, and second in August-September 2018 and the third one was last week. Every day or … Läs mer

Standing forward fold in August 2nd 2018. Catching up with an  Uttanasana or  Standingforwardfold.

Yogi Got Back

I’m now done with the Yogi Got Back challenge. Thank you all hosts, sponsors and everyone who joined, you’re all amazing!

Goddess pose on tiptoes in sunshine

Standing poses

Here is a list of standing poses I practice