ALO to hygge

An October 2023 challenge

ALO to hygge was an October 2023 challenge, from 16th to 23rd. Asanas include Tree pose (Vrksasana), Pincha (Pincha Mayurasana), Revolved Boat (Parivrtta Navasana) and Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana 2).

Day 1: “Candlelight Coziness”, Hygge Concept: Create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting and warmth. Yoga Pose: Child’s Pose
Day 2: “Warm Beverages”, Hygge Concept: Savor a hot drink and be present in the moment. Yoga Pose: Seated Forward Bend
Day 3: “Soft Blankets”, Hygge Concept: Surround yourself with softness and comfort. Yoga Pose: Supine Bound Angle Pose
Day 4: “Nature Connection”, Hygge Concept: Embrace the beauty of fall foliage and natural elements. Yoga Pose: Tree Pose
Day 5: “Nourishing food”, Hygge Concept: Enjoy nourishing and delicious foods mindfully. Yoga Pose: arm balancing
Day 6: “Comfy Layers”, Hygge Concept: Embrace layers of cozy clothing and warmth. Yoga Pose: twist
Day 7: “Gather with Loved Ones”, Hygge Concept: Share quality time and meaningful moments with friends and family. Yoga Pose: standing pose
Day 8: “Gratitude and Presence”, Hygge Concept: Practice gratitude and be fully present in the moment. Yoga Pose: Heart opener

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