Alo Yogis Reconnect With Selves

An October 2020 challenge

Alo Yogis Reconnect With Selves was an October 2020 challenge, from 1st to 10th. Asanas include Standing backbend (Anuvittasana), Utpluthih (Scales pose), Tiger pose (Eka hasta vyaghrasana) and Wide legged forward fold (Prasarita Padottanasana).

Reconnect with your inner child – INVERSION posture.
Reconnect with your dreams – RELAXATION posture.
Reconnect with your emotions – HIP-OPENING posture.
Reconnect with your passion – Any WARRIOR posture.
Reconnect with your intuition – BACK-BENDING posture.
Reconnect with your roots – BALANCING posture.
Reconnect with Nature – ANIMAL posture.
Reconnect with family – FORWARD FOLD posture.
Reconnect with your breath – PRANAYAMA
Be YOU – Yogi’s choice

Standing backbend in December 31st 2020. Yay, 2020 is finally coming to its end. A new year with more of follow your dreams and hopefully less Covid-19. I bring an Anuvittasana or Standing bac
Standing backbend (Anuvittasana)
Utpluthih in March 10th 2018. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge, this is truly Yogaforabetterworld.
Utpluthih (Scales pose)
Tiger pose in November 12th 2019. My choice is Tiger pose (is the full hashtag still banned?) or Eka hasta vyaghrasana with strap support for flipping the grip.
Tiger pose (Eka hasta vyaghrasana)
Wide legged forward fold in March 22nd 2019. Yay for a third season! I bring  Wideleggedforwardfold or  Prasarita Padottanasana D, just like in previous seasons, and bring my previous entries.
Wide legged forward fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)
Alternate nostril breathing in November 20th 2017. “Your lungs are the wings of your heart. Breathe, and unfurl your wings.”
Alternate nostril breathing (Anuloma viloma pranayama)
Upward plank in August 1st 2019. New month, new challenges! I did first plan to do camel or cobra, but when I saw awesome @esteryoga do Purvottanasana or Reverse Plank, I've decided to do the
Upward plank (Purvottanasana)
Handstand in August 6th 2018. I warmed up with spacular pushups, faux handstands facing the wall with leg raises and then kicking up against the wall and hold for a while.  Adho Mukha Vrksasan
Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
Savasana in October 2nd 2020. Today's focus is to follow your dreams. Stuff doesn't just happen, it's your diligence and determination that makes things happen. And great things takes time, so
Savasana (Corpse pose)
Bound Angle Pose in January 12th 2020. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this lovely challenge! Smiling reduces pain and stress, prevents and reverses calcification of the pineal gland and
Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
Warrior III Pose in November 26th 2018. For today, I feel most confident in sharing the smaller challenges of these days rather than the darker ones before yoga. I've recently recovered from a
Warrior III Pose (Virabhadrasana 3)

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