Alobout Pie

A March 2021 challenge

Alobout Pie was a March 2021 challenge, from 8th to 15th. Asanas include Standing forward fold (Uttanasana), Boatpose (Navasana), Flying crow pose (Eka Pada Kakasana) and Split (Hanumanasana).

Eat some humble pie – Any forward fold
Be a slice of pie – Boat pose
Fave pizza party trick? – Inversion or any strength pose
How do you slice your pie? – Any splits or lateral bending pose
I’m Pi-rate! Let’s get irrational! – Any funky pose
Keep calm and eat pie – Any restorative
πr half the circumference of a circle – Wheel pose
A pose that comes round frequently? Yogis Choice or put all the poses together into a mini flow that starts and ends with the same pose

Standing forward fold in August 2nd 2018. Catching up with an Uttanasana or Standingforwardfold.
Standing forward fold (Uttanasana)
Boatpose in November 12th 2019. Happy Beaver Moon! My choice for seatedpose is Navasana or Boat pose.
Boatpose (Navasana)
Flying Crow Pose
Flying crow pose (Eka Pada Kakasana)
Split (Hanumanasana)
Forearm stand in September 29th 2019. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge! My choice for last day is Pincha Mayurasana or Forearm stand in the sunshine. This month have
Pincha (Pincha Mayurasana)
Frog pose in August 2nd 2018. For  Hipopener, I bring a hybrid of  Mandukasana or  Frogpose and  Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or  Upwardfacingdog. A great opener for hips, with a slightly greater st
Frog pose (Mandukasana)
Bend like a Canary Dancer
Wheelpose (Urdva Dhanurasana)
Chaturanga in October 1st 2019. Yay, I'm in here! I go for my favorite pose in the plank family, the Chaturanga Dandasana. One regular, and two with raised leg.
Chaturanga (Chaturanga Dandasana)

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