Crow Stravaganza 2

A March 2019 challenge

Crow Stravaganza 2 was a March 2019 challenge, from 14th to 21st. Asanas include Baby crow (Baby crow pose), Crow pose (Kakasana), Side crow (Parsva Bakasana) and Crow pose (Kakasana).

Elbow Crow/ Baby Crow
Crow/ Low Crow/ Wide Crow
Side Crow/ Eagle Side Crow
Funky Crow/ Reverse Hand Crow/ Fingertip Crow
Any Flying Crow
Lizard Crow/ Fire Crow/ Pigeon Crow
Crow of Your choice
Crow Yoga Flow (video)

Hosts and sponsors

💥 Hosted by:
.@yogafter40 (Paola)
.@tryahlove (Linda)
.@Jennyg2bfit (Jenny)
.@amyweckermd (Amy)
.@yogawithzaz (Zaz)
.@inspiremyyoga (Rebecca)

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@onzie #onziegear .
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