Crow Stravaganza

Day 1. Elbow/ Baby 💪🏻👶
Day 2. Crow/ Crane 🐦🚠 .
Day 3. Side crow/ eagle side crow 🐦 🦅.
Day 4. Reverse hands/ Fingertip crow 👐🏽👇🏼 .
Day 5. Funky crow/ Funky side crow 🐦 🦅.
Day 6. Lizard crow/ Fire crow 🦎🔥 .
Day 7: Yogi’s choice 🦗 .
Day 8. Crow transition (flow into or out of)

Side crow in October 3rd 2018.  Soaring with a Parsva Bakasana or Sidecrow on my Cork Mat Chakras by @myjunglemat. This pose is a twist challenge in addition to strength and balance, so prepar
Side crow (Parsva Bakasana)
Crow pose in October 4th 2018. Yay, today is my first reversehandscrow! I've made alternate hands before though. It felt very different, and I could just hold for a few seconds.  Strongwrists
Crow pose (Kakasana)

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@tryahlove (Linda)
@Jennyg2bfit (Jenny)
@amyweckermd (Amy)
@yogawithzaz (Zaz)
@inspiremyyoga (Rebecca)

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