Crow Stravaganza

An October 2018 challenge

Crow Stravaganza was an October 2018 challenge, from 1st to 8th. Asanas include Crow pose (Kakasana), Crow pose (Kakasana), Side crow (Parsva Bakasana) and Crow pose (Kakasana).

Day 1. Elbow/ Baby ???
Day 2. Crow/ Crane ?? .
Day 3. Side crow/ eagle side crow ? ?.
Day 4. Reverse hands/ Fingertip crow ???? .
Day 5. Funky crow/ Funky side crow ? ?.
Day 6. Lizard crow/ Fire crow ?? .
Day 7: Yogi’s choice ? .
Day 8. Crow transition (flow into or out of)

Hosts and sponsors

? Crow Stravanza party hosts:
@yogafter40 (Paola)
@tryahlove (Linda)
@Jennyg2bfit (Jenny)
@amyweckermd (Amy)
@yogawithzaz (Zaz)
@inspiremyyoga (Rebecca)

? Crow Stravaganza sponsors: ?

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