Dancing Daily In December

A December 2020 challenge

Dancing Daily In December was a December 2020 challenge, from 1st to 7th. Asanas include Crouching Tiger (Ardha Malasana), Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana), Pigeon pose and Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana).

Tango or Salsa
Yogis Choice

Half Moon Pose in November 11th 2019. I love moon yoga, so my choice for balance pose is the moon themed Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. I'm going to celebrate the full moon tomorrow with
Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)
Pigeon pose in March 26th 2019. Doing a Friday catchup :) I've did regular  Pigeonpose and  Standingpigeon in past seasons, so I bring both now. And I bring both sides for both.  Twinshavemore
Pigeon pose
Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana)
Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 in April 24th 2020. Since I've already used the grasshopper and side crow, I bring my remaining twisted Arm balance, the Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 or EPK1.
Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 (EPK1)
Double toe stand
Warrior I Pose in November 11th 2019. Yay, I'm in! First day is Virabhadrasana1 which is in the Primary Series in AshtangaYoga .
Warrior I Pose (Virabhadrasana)
Crouching Tiger in April 17th 2017. Your text...
Crouching Tiger (Ardha Malasana)

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