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Heron or Locust
Bow or Frog
Camel/Thunderbolt or Crow/Crane
Bharadvajasana or Half Lord of the Fishes
Peacock or Horse
Firefly A or Gate
Headstand variation or Pincha

Bharadvajasana in September 17th 2017. I go for  Half Lordofthe Fishes, wearing my  Cork Bracelet from Albufeira.
Bharadvajasana (Seated spinal twist)
Mayurasana in September 18th 2017. Today I bring both! Peacock or  Mayurasana is still pretty tough to me, sometimes I get that nice line, and sometimes I fall after a mere second unless I hav
Mayurasana (peacock pose)
Firefly in September 19th 2017. I bring both :) The Firefly or  Tittibhasana is shot with 1/10 seconds of exposure with flash, while the gate or parighasana is shot with a full second of exposure without flash.
Firefly (Tittibhasana)

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