Feet Up Fun

A February 2018 challenge

Feet Up Fun was a February 2018 challenge, from 15th to 21st. Asanas include Lotus pose (Padmasana), Tree pose (Vrksasana), Shoulderstand lotus (Padma Sarvangasana) and Shoulderstand lotus (Padma Sarvangasana).

① – Smiling inversion
② – Fun outfit
③ – ”The freedom of the fool”
④ – Dance
⑤ – Best joke
⑥ – Yoga with partner
⑦ – The unique you

Shoulderstand lotus in February 15th 2018. Got my  Feetup a few days ago, so I'm in :) Also need to learn to smile in inversions, and this is one of my 2018 goals like handstands and split. I
Shoulderstand lotus (Padma Sarvangasana)
Straddle split in February 16th 2018. "The virus was named 11762 from the coordinates of the patient zero."
Straddle split (Samakonasana)
Chin stand in February 17th 2018.
Chin stand (Gandabherundasana)
Lotus pose in February 19th 2018.
Lotus pose (Padmasana)

Hosts and sponsors

☀ Magical hosts:
☀ Kickass sponsors:
@FeetUp ~ FeetUp
@ognxyoga ~ sustainable outfit
@organicsocksofsweden ~ organic socks
@michelbergersfountainofyouth ~ coconut water
@primavera_life ~ yoga mat spray & roll on
@purya.superfoods ~ vegan protein, shaker & raw protein bars

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