Free your shoulders

An August 2017 challenge

Free your shoulders was an August 2017 challenge, from 3rd to 10th. Asanas include Puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana), Eagle Pose (Garudasana), Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana) and Reverse hands prayer (Pashchima Namaskarasana).

1. Dolphin
2. Purvottanasana | Upward Plank
3. Puppy
4. Eagle
5. Cowface
6. Reverse hands prayer (any pose)
7. Flip the grip (any pose)

Puppy pose in June 22nd 2020. Yeah, I'm in here!
Puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana)
Eagle Pose in April 25th 2020. I go for a regular Eagle Pose or Garudasana today.
Eagle Pose (Garudasana)
Cow Face Pose in August 7th 2017. I wish we had a  Yogi in chief, so if he tweets covfefe, he means cowface 🐮
Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)
Reverse hands prayer in August 8th 2017. I have trouble with this one, but I almost have it, just need more practice.
Reverse hands prayer (Pashchima Namaskarasana)
Tiger pose in August 9th 2017. Thank you all hosts, sponsors and participants for an awesome challenge.
Dolphin pose in August 3rd 2017. Yay, I'm in!  Practice yogaatnight to familiarize with  Shoulderopeners. It's the first time I bring a photo of dolphin pose, but I've practiced it before as a precursor to forearm stand.
Dolphin pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)
Upward plank in August 4th 2017. Your text...
Upward plank (Purvottanasana)

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