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Day 1 Any Seated pose .
Day 2 Any Standing Pose .
Day 3 Any Twist / bind Pose .
Day 4 Any Arm balance pose .
Day 5 Any Backbend pose .
Day 6 Any Inversion pose :
Day 7 Yogi Choice .

Lotus pose in April 21st 2019. Yay, time for yogafun! I go for one of my favorite seated poses, the Padmasana or Lotuspose. I have hands in Gyan Mudra.
Lotus pose (Padmasana)
Double toe stand in April 22nd 2019. I bring a Double toe stand toe balance, as it's smilable and a pose that I haven't did a lot on the 'Gram, and bring a bonus Warrior3 or Virabhadrasana3 be
Double toe stand
Bound extended side angle pose in April 23rd 2019. The key to health is to Smile more frown less :) I bring a Bound extended side angle pose or Utthita Parsvakonasana, which is very close to m
Bound extended side angle pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana)
Utpluthih in April 24th 2019. My choice today is the very first arm balance I got stable in, Utpluthih or Scales pose.
Utpluthih (Scales pose)
Standing backbend in April 25th 2019. Yay, I'm back again, been ill with some mysterious virus, so I'll start from where I've left.
Standing backbend (Anuvittasana)

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