Goddess Or Badass Yogis

A January 2019 challenge

Goddess Or Badass Yogis was a January 2019 challenge, from 23rd to 29th. Asanas include Niralamba Jathara Padmasana (Unsupported Abdominal Lift Lotus Pose), Wild Thing (Camatkarasana), Gate pose (Parighasana) and Crane pose (Bakasana).

Day 1: HEART OPENER . GODDESS or BADASS . King Pigeon x Purvottanasana .
Day 2: HAMSTRINGS STRETCH. GODDESS or BADASS . Urdhva Upavishta Konasana x Krounchasana .
Day 3 : HIP OPENER . GODDESS or BADASS . Bharadvajavasana x .Urdhva Padmasana .
Day 4: CORE .GODDESS or BADASS .Wild Thing x Uttana Padasana .
Day 5: TWISTS .GODDESS x BADASS .Revolved Binding Triangle .x Parighasana .
Day 6: ARM BALANCE .GODDESS x BADASS .Crow/Crane x Flying Ninja .
Day 7: INVERSIONS .GODDESS x BADASS .Sirsasana x Vrikshasana .

Upward plank in January 23rd 2019. I go for the  Purvottanasana or  Reverse Plank option. This is very different from regular plank, and it's pretty recently I learned to engage hamstrings in
Upward plank (Purvottanasana)
Bound boat in January 24th 2019. I join the Goddess team tonight and go for Urdhva Upavishta Konasana which I've also seen designated as Bound boat or ubhaya padangusthasana. I warmed up with
Bound boat (ubhaya padangusthasana)
Niralamba Jathara Padmasana in January 25th 2019. I join team badass tonight and go for the  Urdhva Padmasana or  Inverted Lotus option. Or more specific, the  Niralamba Jathara Padmasana whic
Niralamba Jathara Padmasana (Unsupported Abdominal Lift Lotus Pose)
Wild Thing in January 26th 2019. I go for the Goddess team tonight and bring a Wild Thing or Camatkarasana which is a good opener for shoulders and chest.
Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)
Gate pose in January 27th 2019. I join Team Badass tonight and go for  Parighasana or  Gatepose. A yummy sidestretch with a distinct shape. Hip stacked over knee, other leg fully extended with
Gate pose (Parighasana)
Crane pose in January 28th 2019. So in love with crown and crane again that I join team Goddess and bring a Crane pose or Bakasana
Crane pose (Bakasana)
Headstand lotus in January 29th 2019. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge!
Headstand lotus (Urdhva Padmasana)

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