Lets Celebrate Daily

A January 2022 challenge

Lets Celebrate Daily was a January 2022 challenge, from 11th to 16th. Asanas include Baby crow (Baby crow pose), Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana), Skandasana (Side lunge) and Lizard pose (Utthan Pristhasana).

Your Name in Morse Code Day: any pose which embodies YOU! Add a slide of your name in Morse code if you want ?
Hot Tea Day: include a beverage in your pose, or do a ?T (?)
Rubber Duck Day: Any bird pose, or pose with a rubber duck! (edit is okay!) ?
Dress Up Your Pet Day: or stuffed toy, plant, child…show us something meaningful to you ‘dressed up’ ?
Hat Day: Rock your headwear! A pose on your head, or any pose with a hat! ?
Appreciate a Dragon Day: Get your lizards out to play! Your yoga lizards, and any RL ones or edits!?

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