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Pigeon pose
Crow pose
Flamingo pose
Heron pose
Bird of paradise pose
Eagle pose
Partridge pose
Benubird pose
Rooster pose
Yogi’s bird choice

Heron pose in March 14th 2018. "If you think you do not have time for exercise, sooner or later you will have time for illness."
Heron pose (Krounchasana)
Bird of Paradise in March 15th 2018. Yay, got two challenges for  Svarga Dvijasana tonight. And inspired by my awesome friend @aerial_delights, I bring both sides. My shoulders aren't very ope
Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana)
Partridge pose in March 17th 2018. It's the first time for me for this, and I had even have to use Google Translate to see which bird it was. This one was tough to balance. Prepared with Tiger
Partridge pose (Kapinjalasana)
Benu Bird Pose in March 18th 2018. The  Bennu is an ancient Egyptian deity linked with the sun, creation, and rebirth. It may have been the inspiration for the phoenix in Greek mythology.
Benu Bird Pose
Rooster pose in March 19th 2018. Your text...
Rooster pose (Kukkutasana)
Mayurasana in March 20th 2018. Thank you so much all amazing hosts, sponsors and everyone who joined this spring  Yogachallenge
Mayurasana (peacock pose)

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