Midsummer Asanas

A June 2021 challenge

Midsummer Asanas was a June 2021 challenge, from 24th to 30th. Asanas include Tree pose (Vrksasana), Wild Thing (Camatkarasana), Mayurasana (peacock pose) and Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana).

Goddess – in honor of the goddesses of summer; love, passion and beauty.
Tree pose -in honor of the mighty oak tree that represents strength, endurance and courage – particularly important during midsummer.
Wild thing or deer pose – celebrating our connection to animals.
Inversion or arm balance of choice – in honor of Faeries, magic and spellwork.
Half moon or Crescent lunge – nighttime celebrations; bonfires, the moon, fireflies.
Warrior or grounding pose – practicing outdoor rituals through the sun, gardening and rainstorms.
Yogis choice – share your own special Midsummer rituals.

Tree pose in December 27th 2020. I feel for having arms out in today's Vrksasana or Tree pose
Tree pose (Vrksasana)
Wild Thing in June 26th 2021. My choice today is a Wild Thing pose on the beach.
Wild Thing (Camatkarasana)
Mayurasana in November 29th 2019. As for the last days, I join both sides. Black Friday means yoga in black :) Fire Hydrant Pose or Extended hand to big toe pose for team Legs and peacock pose
Mayurasana (peacock pose)
Half Moon Pose in November 11th 2019. I love moon yoga, so my choice for balance pose is the moon themed Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. I'm going to celebrate the full moon tomorrow with
Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)
Warrior II Pose in April 27th 2018. "Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn't formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them."
Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana 2)
Floating Bound Angle (floating butterfly pose)
Goddess pose in June 24th 2021. Yay, I'm in here, lets do some midsommaryoga 💚
Goddess pose (Utkata Konasana)

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