New Moon Asanas

An April 2021 challenge

New Moon Asanas was an April 2021 challenge, from 12th to 18th. Asanas include Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana), Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana 2), Tree pose (Vrksasana) and Halasana (Plow pose).

New Moon in Aries: Any Warrior pose
Waxing Crescent Moon in Taurus: Tree pose or Cow pose
Moon in Taurus Body part care: Yogis Choice: how do you care for your neck, throat, vocal chords?
Crescent pose for the Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini
Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini: Camel pose or Cobra pose
Moon in Gemini Body Part Care: Yogis Choice: how do you care for your shoulders, arms and hands?
Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer: Half Moon or Pigeon

Warrior II Pose in April 27th 2018. "Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn't formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them."
Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana 2)
Tree pose in December 27th 2020. I feel for having arms out in today's Vrksasana or Tree pose
Tree pose (Vrksasana)
Halasana in October 28th 2019. My second costume for halloweenyoga is the Chad, and I've upgraded the leggings and shoes parts since my last Chad Cosplay. And I have company by an army of my t
Halasana (Plow pose)
Anjaneyasana or Standing Crescent with the Full Moon
Crescent lunge (Anjaneyasana)
Camel pose (Ustrasana)
Chaturanga in October 1st 2019. Yay, I'm in here! I go for my favorite pose in the plank family, the Chaturanga Dandasana. One regular, and two with raised leg.
Chaturanga (Chaturanga Dandasana)
Half Moon Pose in November 11th 2019. I love moon yoga, so my choice for balance pose is the moon themed Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. I'm going to celebrate the full moon tomorrow with
Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

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