November Yoga Kindness

A November 2023 challenge

November Yoga Kindness was a November 2023 challenge, from 20th to 24th. Asanas include Camel pose (Ustrasana), Wheelpose (Urdva Dhanurasana), Skandasana (Side lunge) and Standing forward fold (Uttanasana).

What positive affirmation do you like to say to yourself? – self hug pose
Which charity or cause are you passionate about? – sphinx pose
Who is someone you’re thankful for and why? – camel pose variations
When is the last time you shared a simple smile with a stranger? – wheel pose
Where is the best place to meet someone new? – any pose of your choice

Hosts and sponsors

Hosts ?:

Sponsors ?:
1) @petes_choice (US UK Ger, Fr, Italy, Spain, Austria, Bel)
2) @got2hav8giftshop - (US )
3) @aw_yoga_mats_and_accessories (India)
4) @circe_yoga a pair of leggings (EU and USA)
5) @soothfeel (US) - Ujwala
6. @hoessee
7. @wakeupandsquat

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