Shape Your Lotus

A July 2019 challenge

Shape Your Lotus was a July 2019 challenge, from 8th to 14th. Asanas include Lotus pose (Padmasana), Lotus pose (Padmasana), Side plank lotus (Padma Vasisthasana) and Cobra pose (Bhujangasana).

Day 1: half lotus with standing pose
Day 2: lotus with seated pose
Day 3: lotus with side plank or reverse plank
Day 4: lotus with any heart opener
Day 5: lotus with any arm balance
Day 6: lotus with inversion
Day 7: come up with your own version of lotus pose: be creative!

Lotus pose in February 21st 2018. I bring a  Lotuspose with  Garudasana arms, a yogi upgrade to the powersitting technique used in attachmenttherapy.
Lotus pose (Padmasana)
Lotus pose in July 9th 2019. My first though was a good vanilla Padmasana or Lotuspose, but I've found great entries of Navasana balance, so I've bring one too. Don't have space for my arms th
Lotus pose (Padmasana)
Side plank lotus in July 10th 2019. Görgött med Yoga i Mjölby :) I choose Padma Vasisthasana or Sideplanklotus. This is a challenging balance, and I achieved decent stability earlier this y
Side plank lotus (Padma Vasisthasana)
Cobra pose in May 19th 2019. My first though is almost always Camel when thinking chest Openers. But Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is also one. I've used to think cobra as just an easier version
Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)
Utpluthih in March 10th 2018. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge, this is truly Yogaforabetterworld.
Utpluthih (Scales pose)
Headstand lotus in September 24th 2018. I can't do lotus handstand, but I want the challenge of an Inverted Lotus so I bring an Urdhva Padmasana or Headstandlotus. I formed the lotus in air.
Headstand lotus (Urdhva Padmasana)
Cowherd Pose in February 1st 2018. Catching up here with a  Cowherd Pose or  Gorakhasana, aka  Lotuspose or  Padmasana on knees. It's still very tough for me, on pair with knee warrior 3.
Cowherd Pose (Gorakhasana)

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