Shoulder Connections

A February 2019 challenge

Shoulder Connections was a February 2019 challenge, from 1st to 28th. Asanas include Tortoise pose (Kurmasana), Camel pose (Ustrasana), Viranchyasana (Posture of Viranchi) and Pincha (Pincha Mayurasana).

① – Reverse Prayer
② – Pyramid pose
③ – Downward Facing Dog variation
④ – Lotus in Eka Bhuja Swastikasana 1
⑤ – Bound triangle pose
⑥ – Marichyasana C (bound if possible)
⑦ – Baby Visvamitrasana
⑧ – Standing backbend
⑨ – Revolved triangle variation
⑩ – Puppy pose with wall
⑪ – Warrior 3 variation with half lotus
⑫ – Handstand
⑬ – Fishpose variation with eagle arms
⑭ – Revolved Boat
⑮ – Reclining Frog Pose – #SuptaBhekasana
16 – Humble Warrior
17 – Baddha Parivrtta Eka Pada Rajakapotasana​
18 – Wheelpose with extended legs
19 – Turtle pose (bind if possible)
20 – Camel pose variation
21 – Viranchyasana A
22 – Mexican pincha
23 – Supine twist
24 – Bow pose variation
25 – Gomukhasana in yogidandasana
26 – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana variation
27 – Malasana (bind arms around legs if possible)
28 – Full wheel if possible

Succeeded by Legs For Miles

Reverse hands prayer in February 1st 2019.  Pashchima Namaskarasana or  Reversehandsprayer have for long been high on my wishlist. I've recently practiced it most in pyramid pose. I have never
Reverse hands prayer (Pashchima Namaskarasana)
Pyramid pose in May 26th 2018.  Saturdaynightyoga with Parsvottanasana or  Pyramidpose.  Perspective T Shirt from @vibratehigherofficial.
Pyramid pose (Parsvottanasana)
Downward Facing Dog in February 3rd 2019. This  Downward Facing Dog variation is the first time for me. This is different than the regular  Dog in forming, and read description by @cyogalife f
Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Eka Bhuja Swastikasana in February 4th 2019. This is the first time I practice  Eka Bhuja Swastikasana 1, with or without lotus. I tried without lotus first, to make sure the pose felt alright
Eka Bhuja Swastikasana (One-armed Swastikasana)
Bound triangle in February 5th 2019. I bring Baddha Trikonasana or Bound triangle from front and rear view. It's one of few poses I can bind in.
Bound triangle (Baddha Trikonasana)
Marichyasana C in February 6th 2019. I can't bind in this one, but I love to practice the modified variation for a good spinal twist.
Marichyasana A (Marichyasana)
Flying warrior pose in February 7th 2019. Those baby arm balances are usually harder than the regular adult version, and Flying warrior pose or Visvamitrasana is not an exception. I still stru
Visvamitrasana (Flying warrior pose)
Standing backbend in February 8th 2019. Say no to stress and say yes to yourself with a Standing backbend or Anuvittasana :)
Standing backbend (Anuvittasana)
Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta trikonasana)
Puppy pose in February 10th 2019.  Uttana Shishosana or  Puppypose is a yummy stretch for shoulders and neck to undo smartphone aches. But it's the first time I do it with a wall. Happy humpda
Puppy pose (Uttana Shishosana)
Warrior III Pose in February 11th 2019. Yay for yogainthesnow! First time I'm seltering with half lotus, definitely an interesting Warrior3 variation.
Warrior III Pose (Virabhadrasana 3)
Handstand in February 12th 2019. Yay, time for some sunshineyoga. In handstandpractice, I usually warm up with chest to wall stand, which I also consider as an extension of elevated plank. The
Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
Fishpose (Matsyasana)
Revolved boat
Revolved Boat (Parivrtta Navasana)
Reclined Frog Pose (Supta Bhekasana)
Humble Warrior in February 16th 2019. Humble Warrior or Baddha Virabhadrasana is one of my favorite Shoulder openers and have a thus a different role for me than the other Warriorposes. This p
Humble Warrior (Baddha Virabhadrasana)
Pigeon pose in February 17th 2019.
Pigeon pose
Bend like a Canary Dancer
Wheelpose (Urdva Dhanurasana)
Tortoise pose in June 6th 2021. Happy Swedish National Day!
Tortoise pose (Kurmasana)
Camel pose in August 14th 2021. Today is Open your heart with Camel Pose or Ustrasana. I've seen many inspiring variations in the gallery, but still feel most comfortable with the basic form.
Camel pose (Ustrasana)
Viranchyasana in February 21st 2019.  Viranchyasana A or Postureof Viranchi is a very advanced pose which is out of my league. But I'm not that kind of yogi that give yo without a fight. So I
Viranchyasana (Posture of Viranchi)
Forearm stand in September 29th 2019. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge! My choice for last day is Pincha Mayurasana or Forearm stand in the sunshine. This month have
Pincha (Pincha Mayurasana)
Supine twist in January 1st 1970.
Supine twist (Jathara Parivartanasana )
Bow Pose in December 13th 2018. I go for both strength and flexibility today and bring a  Bow Pose or  Dhanurasana as well as a  Boatpose or  Navasana for  Abs. These poses targets the  Manipu
Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
Yogi Dandasana in February 25th 2019. Foot to armpit is very tough, even with my open hips. Ended up in some approximation with help of my strap. Still very challenging to balance, harder than
Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)
Malasana in January 15th 2018. Joining in a bit late here, but I want to learn more about the  Chakras. For  Muladhara or  Root Chakra, I bring a  Malasana or  Garland Pose.
Malasana (Garland Pose)
Bend like a Canary Dancer
Wheelpose (Urdva Dhanurasana)

Hosts and sponsors

Carmen @cyogalife
Jinny @jinny.suh.00
Garry @gmcyoga

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