Spring And Balance

A March 2020 challenge

Spring And Balance was a March 2020 challenge, from 16th to 22nd. Asanas include Mermaid Dancer (Natarajasana), Headstand (Sirsasana), Tiger pose (Eka hasta vyaghrasana) and Flamingo pose.

Fallen Angel

Natarajasana in March 19th 2020. Nice weather today, got an opportunity for outdoor practice :)
Mermaid Dancer (Natarajasana)
Headstand in July 14th 2020. I'm catching up with two types of headstands, the Salamba Sirsasana A and Tripod headstand, also known as mukta hasta sirsasana a.
Headstand (Sirsasana)
Tiger pose in November 12th 2019. My choice is Tiger pose (is the full hashtag still banned?) or Eka hasta vyaghrasana with strap support for flipping the grip.
Tiger pose (Eka hasta vyaghrasana)
Flamingo pose in March 22nd 2020. Happy Sunday! I bring a Flamingo pose in the sunshine :)
Flamingo pose
Side Plank Pose in May 6th 2018. It's actually exactly one year since I did my first  Vasisthasana. I still think of this as an utthita hasta padangusthasana lying on the side, or actually tilted about 60 degrees.
Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana)
Crow pose in September 15th 2018. "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
Crow pose (Kakasana)
Fallen Angel (Devaduuta panna asana)

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