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Tiger pose in April 10th 2018. Avoid the "-pose" suffix for this one, as that is a banned hashtag, which can potentially result in shadowban.
Tiger pose (Eka hasta vyaghrasana)
Flamingo pose in April 11th 2018. My flamingos loves  Twilightyoga, need a strap here but I start to love the pose.
Flamingo pose
Elephant Trunk Pose in April 12th 2018. I've found the drishti to be important in  Elephant Trunk Pose or  Eka Hasta Bhujasana, look forward and not into the ground. This one is great strength builder for core, quadriceps and triceps.
Elephant Trunk Pose (Eka Hasta Bhujasana)
Eagle Pose in April 14th 2018.  Bothsidesmatter in  Eagle Pose or  Garudasana, so I bring both sides. Don't stitch if a clone does the job :)
Eagle Pose (Garudasana)
Yogis choice in April 15th 2018. Thanks all hosts, sponsors and everyone who joined this stellaryoga challenge!
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#bohemianisland .

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