Yogis Coming For Coffee

An August 2020 challenge

Yogis Coming For Coffee was an August 2020 challenge, from 6th to 6th. Asanas include Warrior I Pose (Virabhadrasana), Goddess pose (Kalyasana), Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) and Bound Crystal Pose (Baddha Sphatasana).

  • If you could choose: would you fly on the sky or breath under water? Any bird or fish pose
  • Do you believe in karma ? ?⁣Any asanayour choice
  • What fear would you like to overcome and how would do it ?⁣Any asana that you trying to overcome fear / or any that represents “fear” to you.⁣
  • What is your best skill ?‍♀️ and the most useless ?‍♀️ skill you own?⁣Any asana that feels innate (meaning inborn /natural) to you ⁣⁣
  • Do you think that compassion ? it can be learned / taught ?‍?? ⁣Any Fold or Heart ⁣Opener .⁣
  • What activity have you always wanted to try in life but haven’t done it so far ?⁣?⛷?‍♀️????⁣An Asana that you associate with that activity
  • Does your body language shape who you are? … ⁣?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️⁣An Asana that you associate with YOURSELF .⁣
  • What is your most dreaded (hated) chore in household?⁣
  • Loose your ego ?‍♀️ find compassion ? ⁣How you practice it?⁣Yogi’s choiceany asana⁣
  • Week 5 ⁣Guilty pleasure ?⁣What is your favorite ice cream flavour?⁣??? ⁣
    What trip that you made that changed your mindset?
  • Trees represent the lungs on Earth. Which tree are you?????Share a pic your fave tree.Asana: Any Tree Pose .

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@andreamegaleyoga (Andrea) .
@b.yogamuffin (Barbora) .
@elly_yoga_ ( Elly) .
@findyourinnernorth (Saskia).
@lucyhibben (Lucy) .
@temyoga (Temy) .

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