Coffee Crackle Agate

#CoffeeCrackleAgate – #Hawkeye #bracelet by @morpho_jewels

Wide legged forward fold in March 22nd 2019. Yay for a third season! I bring  Wideleggedforwardfold or  Prasarita Padottanasana D, just like in previous seasons, and bring my previous entries.
A Yogis Dream day 1
Bow Pose in December 13th 2018. I go for both strength and flexibility today and bring a  Bow Pose or  Dhanurasana as well as a  Boatpose or  Navasana for  Abs. These poses targets the  Manipu
A Yogis Dream day 2
Grasshopper pose in May 10th 2020. Eating grasshoppers makes you strong :) Grasshopper pose or Parsva Bhuja Dandasana is a challenging pose that puts upper body and quad strength to a test, as
Alobout new goals day 6
Boatpose in November 12th 2019. Happy Beaver Moon! My choice for seatedpose is Navasana or Boat pose.
30 days of core day 16
Lolasana in September 27th 2020. Lol, time for a Lolasana :) And great Autumn feeling today, starting to get yellow autumn leaves around.
Balance on Bodyparts day 2

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